Poster designed By the wonderful Alan Dalby and John Newton

Live Radio Performances

November 2, 2010

Last month we played a live set at the Ruby Lounge for the BBC Radio Manchester Introducing show. Although it was pretty rusty from us, You can listen again on BBC iPlayer: First up is our cover of ABC’s the Look of Love, then three  songs from our EP: The Midnight March, Foxtrot Hymn for the Stars and Rainbow Room Waltz. Finally you can hear the first half of Queen Bee.

In October we also played a live, acoustic set on Preston FM which you can hear in full here:

We played four songs, the first three of which are from the new album: ‘Tired of holding on,’ ‘Cappuccino Song,’ ‘Breathe’ and ‘I am getting older’

Hope you enjoy these live recordings!

We spent the weekend recording the last few harmonies and glockenspiel parts to the album. Can’t wait till it’s mixed and ready to go

New Album in the Pipeline

August 10, 2010

There’s been quite a lot going on recently; we’ve been rehearsing during the week and recording on the weekends at Assembly Line studios Preston. We’ve started the follow up album to ‘Four Dances for Dancers’ and have so far got eight songs partially recorded.

We’re having a bit of a break while Ben Dickie keyboard star treks across the American West coast, but will be back in the studio soon. Quite a few gigs coming up aswell:

4th September at the Roadhouse.

28th September at the Islington Mill, Salford.

15th October at MOHO for the ITC Fringe festival.

6th November at Night and Day Cafe.


Last night BBC Radio Manchester show ‘Introducing with Sam Walker’ made Unconscious Jungle their artist of the week. They played ‘Foxtrot Hymn for the stars,’ ‘Bossa Nova Supernova’ and ‘Rainbow Room Waltz’ from Four Dancers for Dancers

You can listen again here:

You can also download the EP for free here:

In other news yesterday was the first practice session in preparation for recording our début album. More news on that to come…

Latest News

July 6, 2010

Well, what a few weeks it has been! Finishing university, a triumphant headline slot at Saki, taking to the stage at Prest Fest, and being played on BBC Manchester – there has certainly been a lot going on for Unconscious Jungle. In fact BBC Manchester is about to play a big part in our lives, as we have been asked by them to record our own version of a classic Mancunian song to celebrate 40 years of them being on air.

Send us your ideas on what would be a good song to do, and maybe how you’d like to hear it!

Latest happenings

June 6, 2010

Although the EP has already been available to those who really couldn’t wait for it, a final version will be available free to those who come to our gig at Saki Bar in Rusholme, Manchester on the 9th June. The key difference is the tracks have been mastered by 80 Hertz, and sound even better than they did before. Getting this EP done has been a long process, there’s no doubt about that. But we’re really pleased with it, and we hope you’ll love it. The artwork on the front cover is truly special. We have been playing with the idea of ballroom dancing for ages, and while the music reflects that theme fairly evidently, it took us a while to come up with an original cover for the EP itself. The final design emmanated from the creative genius of Claire Eatough, and it was love at first sight for all of us. Who would ever have thought that palm trees and fairy lights could be an illuminating backdrop for the suave and timeless quality of Fred Astaire?

As you may recall from earlier posts, we are all students. Exams are nearly finished. This is a good thing, trust me. Practices in the Park Range garage have been at a premium in these most tense of times. But don’t let that deter you from our gig on the 9th June. We rehearsed the full set list on Friday, and we think it could be our best yet. The EP will be played in its entirety along with some old favourites. Don’t miss it!

Saturday will be our first radio interview on Preston FM, at 2 15 pm. Slightly daunted by the prospect but we’re really looking forward to it. The station is accessible online so give us a listen, feeback will be very much appreciated!

On another exciting note, we went to see Goldheart Assembly at the Deaf Institute last night. Their set was stunning, and having a few beers with them afterwards wasn’t bad either. Really nice lads, really good music. Check ’em out if you haven’t already.


On the eve of completing recording ‘Four Dances for Dancers.’